The beginning

Lupercalian is a project by Uriel Tian started on 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.

Nature, traditional folk and sculpture were the three main concepts of Lupercalian, and bringing them to life was a very fun and rewarding experience.

On the first stages of this story, terrariums called “Gaia’s Capsules” were created as small, enclosed and self-sustainable forests that could live for a long time.

Gaia’s Capsules

Basic techniques were used to make eternal terrariums. Decorating them as small forests was the key to a perfect miniature landscaping, and proper soil and plants were used to create a long lasting terrarium with minimum after care.

As techniques improved, better results were achieved. Opening the terrariums and using different kinds of plants improved the quality of life of plants and the terrarium itself.

The consolidation

Starts here

In this stage sculpture makes its appearance and it finally consolidates Lupercalian as a sculpture project, where art and nature combines to create fantasy objects. Paganism and traditional folk tales are a huge inspiration to create Lupercalian’s art, always made to resemble moss, mushrooms or wood.

Fairs and Events

Witch Market Barcelona

On 2019, @Lupercalian and @Lifelikevisuals made a short film for “Best Short film” contest in the Witch Market Barcelona ’19.

Fairs and Events

Fairs and Events